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Exhaust Pros Madison
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by May on Exhaust Pros Madison

I appreciate you looking after community members that are less fortunate. If we can help Bob, please share. You have had my business in the past, and I will be back. Thank you!

by Mark Johnsrud on Exhaust Pros Madison
Socially Resonsible Business

Thank you for being a socially responsible business, showing compassion for those less fortunate. May others see this, and support your business for respecting, and preserving the dignity of all people. Best wishes!

by Dawn Deransburg on Exhaust Pros Madison

Best in Madison!

by Merle Cook on Exhaust Pros Madison
Great place for service

I had an exhaust rattle in my '98 Chevy Silverado 4x4. Having just moved to Sun Prairie from Missouri I had no frame of reference for exhaust service. I didn't want to go to a franchise store and deal with the typical "big box" style service. I researched Exhaust Pros on line and they fit the bill of a locally owned shop with a good reputation. When I explained my concerns they immediately found the problem and suggested replacing both Flow Masters. They had the mufflers in stock and the job was completed within 30 minutes and I was on my way. It's a relief to find a shop where the owners know cars from street rods to muscles cars to modern cars and care about customer service.

I will recommend Exhaust Pros to anyone who truly cares about their ride.

by Bob Whitaker on Exhaust Pros Madison

I have had work done on several trucks over the past 12 years. Always excellent work at reasonable prices!

by Peter Nondahl on Exhaust Pros Madison
Outstanding job.

I have a 65 GTO that was in bad need of an exhaust system. Told Jim that I wanted a conventional duel exhaust system with OEM or equivalent mufflers. Jim went the extra mile and found the correct mufflers. All pipe bends are to factory specifications, and, all joints are welded, as well as the hangers, for leak proof joints. No unsightly muffler clamps. Now the car has that pleasing 60's muscle car burble rather than sounding like a John Deere tractor. Price was reasonable, and, I got the car back the same day. Forget about Midas, Car X and the rest. Go to Exhaust Pros.

by Michael James Miller on Exhaust Pros Madison
Terrific Job & Great

My 1998 Toyota Camry went from having a noisy muffler during my morning drive on the Beltline to sounding like a rocket taking off when I headed home that afternoon. Any time I accelerated, the noise from the exhaust system was unbearable. I called Exhaust Pros the next morning right after they opened and asked if they could help. Jim, the owner, told me to bring in my car so it could go through a free inspection. As soon as I arrived, my car was put on a rack and elevated. Jim showed me the break in the exhaust system that was causing the extreme noise. He told me that the entire exhaust system needed to be replaced – which was not a surprise since it had lasted 173,000 miles. I asked Jim if he could do the job that day. Jim said he would call to see if all of the parts were available. I was lucky that they were. Jim quickly went to get the parts while a mechanic started removing the exhaust system. The entire job was done around four hours from the time that I arrived. The first time I turned on the ignition I could barely tell that the car had started because of the quiet of the new exhaust system. I highly recommend Exhaust Pros. They did the job quickly for a reasonable price. If you like working with a place that is “old school” in how it does business, then give Exhaust Pros a call the next time your vehicle sounds like it is going to take off into orbit.

Michael James Miller from Middleton

by Chris on Exhaust Pros Madison
exhaust pros madison

Fast, Easy, Affordable, and most importantly crafts of their trade. A great father/son locally owned business that you often don't see anymore. Good Honest people giving honest answers. I highly recommend these guys.

by Mike on Exhaust Pros Madison
These guys are the best

If you go in with an attitude, you ain't gonna win. They're the experts, listen to them.

I've gone to Exhaust Pros for years and have always been extremely satisfied with the service and quality of work performed. From a custom exhaust on my '56 F-100 (2 different times as I switched engines), 2 complete systems on a 2001 Dodge Dakota and numerous other little projects on my '56.

These guys are top notch, fairly priced and do what you ask them to do. If your complaint is about price, you don't understand what it takes to run a business. Exhaust Pros will NOT rip you off.

by Terilyn on Exhaust Pros Madison
Quick, Kind, and Affordable

I called the men at Exhaust Pros early this morning just after they had opened, looking for an inspection and estimate. On a dual-exhaust vehicle, I had one muffler hanging and the other nearly rusted off. They told me I could bring it in any time throughout the day and they would be available to look at it. I brought it in at a time convenient for me, and true to their word, they took it in right away. The inspection was brief, yet thorough, and the estimate was very reasonable for replacing two mufflers. I agreed to the price and the service, a call was placed for the parts, and John immediately went to pick them up. Before leaving, he offered me the option of waiting at the shop or to spend the hour (estimated time for parts and service) at the coffee shop next door. I opted for the coffee. Only thirty minutes later, John walked over to the coffee shop himself and personally informed me that my vehicle was fixed and ready for pick-up, but that I should take my time and relax and come over whenever I was ready. After paying for the service at the price of estimation (plus a coupon), I was all set. The work looked great, the car now runs much more smoothly, the fix was fast and affordable, and most importantly, the customer service was personal, kind, and had the small-town feel that's hard to find in a town the size of Madison. I recommend Exhaust Pros to anyone looking for quality, affordable, quick service and kind customer relations.

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